20m QSO with only 1.1 Watts of RF Power!

I just made a QSO with Greg VA3GKO in Canada with only 1.1 watts of power using my modest 20 meter antenna!

I usually tune my Icom IC-7600 with only about 12 watts, and by mistake I left the RF power low.  By the time I realized my mistake, I was allready transmitting and thought “well, he didnt hear me, Ill have to increase power and try again”.  But Greg did hear me!  He told me that I was 5/9 and booming into his QTH (location).  He then asked me to back down the power.  I then tried again using about 5 watts, and he still had me at a 5/9!  He told me again to turn it down as far as I could, so I turned down the RF power all the way down.  Using my Power Master power meeter I saw that I was transmitting only with 1.1 watts!  Greg told me that he still had me about 5/7 with perfect audio!  This contact holds the record for me with distance and such low power.  Greg is located in Beeton ON, just north of Toronto.  AWESOME!  I think I may get into QRP!!!!!

I would just like to thank Greg for the nice QSO, and hopefully we will cross paths again soon!

73! de Nick N9SJA

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