Timewave DSP 9+ with video!

I recently purchased a used Timewave DSP 9+ audio DSP filter. I took a bit of video to demo how it works. I am using this with my Omni VI. The Timewave DSP 9+ is a nice little addition to radios that do not have DSP capability. I plan on using this with my Collins R-390A and my Icom R71-A and Icom R7000 receivers. You can really narrow down the filters to eliminate the noise especially on CW. Here are two videos where I enable and then disable the filter so that you can hear the difference:

Timewave DSP 9+ CW:

Timewave DSP 9+ SSB Voice:

As you can see it is a good little filter. The Timewave DSP 9+ has been discontinued from Timewave and there are newer models available. The DSP 9+ is a basic model that you can pickup used for about $80 on eBay or at a swap meet. More info on the DSP 9+ here: http://www.timewave.com/products/dsp9p.html

73s! de Nick N9SJA

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