Today I spent a little time playing with a mode that I have not had much experience with: JT65. There is not a lot of action with this mode and QSOs can take a long time because it takes a while to exchange the messages with other stations. The interesting part however, is that this mode can be used with very low power. I am only using 5 watts for my JT65 QSOs and some would say that is still too much power! Most of the time QSOs are made with between 1-10 watts of RF power. It’s an interesting mode. If you want to find out more about it there are some great videos on YouTube that will help you learn how to configure the software and use JT65-HF.

My first QSO was with station PY9FP, Francisco in Brazil. I also made a JT65 QSO with 2E0TEC, Carl in England. Although this mode used to be more common for EME on VHF, it has come to HF like files to a outdoor barbecue! It is especially popular on 20 and 40 meters.

You can get information and download JT65-HF here: http://jt65-hf.sourceforge.net/

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