Mike Simpson’s Regen Build

A reader of my blog, Mike Simpson has built a regenerative receiver based on Charles Kitchin’s design.  Mike and I have been corresponding via e-mail and blog post comments for about a month or so now.

He was kind enough to send me these photos to share with the rest of the readers of this blog.

Nice design Mike.  I like how you have everything laid out and the knobs on the front of the enclosure are nice.  I hope mine turns out this nice.  I am almost done with mine, but I have had trouble getting back to the build due to commitments with work and everything else life is throwing at me at the moment.

Mike told me that he made kind of two versions of this reciever.  The first design he just used two transistors for the audio amp, but he said that it did not put out enough volume, so he removed the transistors and installed the LM386 audio amp IC.

He also told me that his regen suffered from bad hand capacitance issues, which I have heard can be a problem for this type of receiver design even though it is normal.  Mike told me that for his next build he is going to try a different design, so hopefully he will share the experiences of that build with me as well!

Mike is a shortwave listener (SWL), tinkerer, and project builder.  In particular he is interested in crystal sets.  He said that he does not have his Amateur Radio license yet, so let’s all prod him to do so.  The Ham community would benefit from having Mike around that’s for sure!

Here are some more pics of Mike’s regen in a little slideshow format!:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Thanks so much for sharing Mike.  I have enjoyed reading your messages about your experiences building your regen and the pictures.  Thanks also for letting me share your pics with the readers of this blog.

73! de Nick N9SJA


One thought on “Mike Simpson’s Regen Build

  1. Nice! I hope we have a future ham in our midst. I wonder if fully shielding the receiver would improve the issue with hand capacitance? Or maybe a little different parts layout. I still need to get mine started. Just basking in the glow of completing the 736R repair.

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