TX Factor – Episode 1

There is a new Amateur Radio webcast show on the Internet and it is really awesome.  “TX Factor” is a new webcast featuring Bob McCreadie G0FGX, Nick Bennett 2E0FGQ and Mike Marsh G1IAR from the United Kingdom.

Although the show is aimed at a UK ham audience, I found the show to be very well produced and professionally done with excellent and interesting content.  Although I love to watch the guys from Ham Nation, this is not your 3 – guys on Skype chatting about Ham radio type production.  Each segment looks professionally produced.  From the camera work, to the on-screen graphics and segways from topic to topic it is extremely well done.  You would think that you were watching a professional news program on television watching this.

In episode 1, the first segment of the show takes you to The Marconi Centre at Poldhu in Cornwall, England where the first transatlantic radio transmission was sent.  Guglielmo Marconi heard this transmission from Cornwall to Signal Hill in St John’s, Newfoundland on December 12th, 1901.  On the site now resides the Poldhu Amateur Radio Club.

The second segment takes you to a hike up a mountain in Shropshire to show you the activation of a Summits On The Air (SOTA) station!

In the last segment Mike Marsh G1IAR takes you to the Norman Lockyer Observation Radio Group in east Devon to show you their 2m repeater.  (**Slight Spoiler Alert***I love the cavities made from beer kegs!)

The show was just so well done and interesting I think hams the world over will enjoy watching it.  If I were to judge the future of the program by the first show, I really believe that the “TX Factor” has a bright future indeed!

Now on to the show…Here is the first episode (available on YouTube).  Show notes are available on the TX Factor website at http://www.txfilms.co.uk/txfactor/.


73’s and Cheers Mate! de Nick N9SJA

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