New callsign! K9XN

01Well…After 25 years of holding the original callsign of N9SJA I decided to try for an Extra 1×2 call.  I wasn’t sure if I would get it since there are so many people now days competing for such a small pool of callsigns.  But to my amazement I was awarded the callsign K9XN on Saturday, November 24 2018.

So I have bought a new domain named ‘’ that I will be redirecting traffic to for the time being and eventually changing over my other services to show the new callsign.

I am a little bit torn about doing this since I have QSL cards, web blog, social media accounts, etc with N9SJA all on them.  Now I have to change that all over.  It also seems weird that I am using the callsign…it doesn’t really feel like it is “mine” so to speak yet.  I really like the shorter call and everything but it’s definitely going to take some time to get used to.

Thanks for your friendship and support to everyone out there!

73! de Nick K9XN


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