Day of DX – My adventures on 20m with PSK-31


This afternoon I decided to come downstairs to the ham shack and fire up the radio.  I had a ball on 14.070 MHz with PSK31.  Lots of DX!!

Here is a list of a few of the contacts I made today.  I would also like to thank each operator for dropping in and saying “Hi” to me!

  1. US5CCO – Vladimir in Smela, Ukraine
  2. F6BNM – Stefano in France.
  3. DL3NTC – Harry in Germany.
  4. TF2CT – Aegir in Iceland (yep ICELAND – how neat is that!?!?!)
  5. ES1QV – Arvo in Tallinn, Estonia.
  6. UA1ANR – Sergey in Russia.
  7. SP3CFM – Zibi in Poland.
  8. OE3AIS/AAW – Bert in Austria.
  9. DL1JK – Michael in Germany.
  10. OK1AUZ – Zdenek in Czech Republic.
  11. MM0BSM – Stu in Scottland.
  12. CO2EL – Ariel in Cuba.
  13. G7OGX – Chris in West Sussex, England.
  14. CU5AQ – Abilio in the Azores.

73! de Nick N9SJA

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