The bands are lousy today? What to do…

*Ugh* The band conditions today are lousy.  It has been about a month or more since I have been active with HAM radio.  Work of course has been keeping me busy, so not enough time to venture down into the shack.  So today when I found myself with some extra time, I thought it would be fun to venture down to the shack for some radio fun.  However the bands today are lousy!  QRM, no propagation and just a few hand full of stations loud enough to hear.  😦

I think ill look for someone on VHF or read a book.  It really sucks when you find time for your favorite hobby just to find out that the bands are not cooperating.  Oh well, that’s sometimes how it goes I guess.

Until next time…

73s! de Nick N9SJA

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