6m: My first contact

Today I made my fist contact ever on 6m.  K0DU from Colorado was transmitting.  I just have a vertical antenna a Comet GP-15 at the moment for 6m.  As I look at the action on the DX cluster, 6m is hot at the moment.  I did try the G5RV on 6m, but I hear nothing.  Looks like I need to construct a 6m dipole antenna soon.

Maybe when I go to the Indy hamfest next Saturday I will find some good antenna making items to take home with me!

Anyway I made contact with K0DU and he had a 5/7 signal here on my Comet GP-15.  I was hitting him with 5/4 using just 100 watts.  My new amp would have helped me here, but the GP-15 is only rated for 200 watts. So unless I wanted to ruin the antenna, better not pump 1000 watts of signal though it eh?  Yeah, that’s also what I thought.  🙂

6m seems like a really cool band to operate on.  I wish I had more room for antennas, but its a little rough living in a suburban neighborhood with only 3/4 of an acre to work with.

Until next time…

73! de Nick N9SJA

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