20m SSTV

2010-07-14-220044-20m-scottie-2Today I thought I would play around a bit with SSTV.  I made a QSO with Don, VE3IYA from Canada.  He had a strong and powerful signal into Northwestern Indiana today.  We exchanged a few pics.  I sent him a picture that I took at Lucas Oil Stadium when the Colts were playing.  I also sent him a picture of the fountain at Purdue in front of Hovde Hall.

SSTV is a fun mode.  A little difficult sometimes, but fun none the less.  If you want to tune in some SSTV fun use a SSTV progie like MMSSTV or Digital Master and tune into 14.230 Mhz.  That’s where all the SSTV action is.  Even if you are not a HAM and just have a reciever, you can still download the pics sent over SSTV.  Tune your reciever to 14.230, pipe the auto out of the reciever and into your sound card input on your computer.  Start up your SSTV software and wait for the chirping sounds over the radio.  You will soon be downloading the pictures sent to and from other hams via SSTV.

Here on the left is a signal report sent to me by VE3IYA.  You can see that in the bottom left he copied the transmission I sent.  It is the picture of the fountain at Purdue University in front of Hovde Hall in West Lafayette.

Until next time…

73! de Nick N9SJA

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