Yaesu FT Dx 570

FT Dx 570 A good friend of mine, Jeff (N9IZ) brought me this little jewel.  It is an old tube radio from 1972, the Yaesu FT Dx 570.

This radio has been so much fun to play with.  I made 6 domestic (USA) contacts in like under an hour on 20m.

This old radio uses 20 something tubes and can get a little warm.  I have had great signal reports out of it and it has been so much fun to operate.  It is truly old school and the only piece of tube equipment in my shack at the moment.

I measured the power output of this radio using my Power Master meter and found that on 20m this radio puts out about 287 watts.   watts is not bad for having older tubes.  Jeff told me that this radio can put out about 500 watts PEP on SSB, so I bet with new fresh tubes it would really go the distance!

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