Eastern Europe DX!

20090501203014eastern_europe_map Last night I made several contacts in Eastern Europe. Stations from Poland, Lithuania, Russia, and Ukraine.

I made about 10 contacts, later in the evening. The eastern European stations seem to get up early in the morning (about 3:30 UTC) and start operating on 20m. I love the summer since 20m is open way into the night, and usually doesn’t fade out until after midnight.

Here is a list of some of the contacts I made on 7/18:

  • SP3LPG – Marek in Poland
  • UA3TCJ – Andrei in Russia
  • US5IFA – Nik in Ukraine
  • UA9FAR – Vlad in Russia
  • RV6AOH – Yuri in Russia
  • 4L4WW – Gia in Georgia
  • ES5QD – Vello is Estonia
  • US4IL Sergey in Ukraine
  • UT7UV – Sasha in Ukraine
  • LY600A – Jonas in Lithuania

Very cool! You can see from the map that these stations are quite a distance away from me in Indiana! These contacts made with the magic of radio. A good radio, a modest antenna (G5RV) and a little power when needed thanks to my SPE 1K-FA 1000 watt amplifier.

DX hunting is so much fun. I will talk to you on the bands!

73s! de Nick N9SJA

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