Icom IC-735

Today I picked up a nice little gem for a great price. The Icom IC-735. This little radio doesn’t have many frills but works very well.

The radio came from the estate of SK Ham, Herman Huffman KE9YZ, that was very active with MARS. The radio has been modified for MARS use, but since I am not affiliated in MARS, I cannot use those frequencies.

It was nice to meet with his family and although I did not know Herman, I heard some nice stories about his love of Amateur Radio and MARS.

It was a little dusty, but no marks and after a wipe down with a lint free cloth and windex, the radio looks brand new. It even still has the little plastic door on it that covers the sliding pots for mic gain, rf power, and vox settings. Kind of reminds me of an equalizer or something looking at those sliding pots with the horizonal line markings on the chassis.

This particular radio is microprocessor controlled solid-state, and has the following features:

  • Passband Tuning Control
  • Dual VFO’s and a split frequency operation
  • Adjustable Notch Filter Control
  • RIT (receive iincremental tuning control)
  • 12 Memories
  • AGC control (fast-slow)
  • Noise Blanker
  • Preamplifier (10dB)
  • Speech Compressor
  • VOX
  • CW, SSB (USB and LSB), AM, and FM
  • Narrow filters for AM and CW
  • Scan feature
  • Built in electronic keyer
  • 100 watts on SSB and FM, 40 watts AM
  • General Coverage reciever

I was just going to turn around and sell this at Dayton, but I think this one is too nice to let go.

73! de Nick N9SJA

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