Ham Shack 2.0

I just straitened up my shack (it was a total mess!) and re-arranged everything.  Now with the shack tidy, I can enjoy using all my equipment without tripping over random bits of equipment, wires, and books.

It’s hard to believe that this shack got so messy.  It’s amazing what you accumulate over time.  I’m not usually a pack rat or horder, but I sure amassed a bunch of radio junk.

I took some pictures of the new shack layout and posted them on my Flickr page.  Hopefully I will be more diligent this time on keeping things neat and tidy down here…

Here are some other photos I snapped up after my tidy up:

Row Of Radios (just to the left of the main operating position).

Main Ops.

Kenwood TS-830S & Ten-Tec Omni VI.

Heil PR-781 Microphone.

SPE Expert 1K-FA Solid State Linear Amplifer (1000 Watts)

I posted more pics of my shack on Flickr.  If your curious, go and check them out.

73! de Nick N9SJA


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