Late Night R.H.C. Propaganda Listening

Using my SDR-IQ receiver I tuned in to “DX’ers Unlimited with Arnie Coro CO2KK”.  It is actually a very interesting 10 minute or so program focusing on Amateur Radio and shortwave listening.  It is flanked by so called “news” which largely portrays the United States of America falsely and in a bad overall light.  Mr. Coro is instersting and friendly on the air.  Tonight’s topic was TEP (Trans-Equatorial Propagation).  He gave a brief description of what it was and how it worked.

I sometimes listen to Radio Havana Cuba just for a laugh.  The station and the announcers rail against the USA and every now and then there is a commercial like advertisement to “Free the Cuban Five”.  The Cuban Five were spies that were caught in the US several years ago.  More on that here in case you are curious.  The way that they portray the US as evil is quite hilarious.

It wont be too much longer until Cuba is free I believe.  When Fidel Castro and his brother finally pass on, communism and totalitarianism will die with them.  The government of Cuba will not survive the death of those two brothers and the light that is increasingly shown on the Cuban government from free nations and true patriots from Cuba.

The signal that is beamed from RHC is very strong.  S9+30dB, so picking it up shouldn’t be a problem for most people in the eastern USA.  Just a modest wire antenna would work just fine to receive the 49m band 6.000 MHz signal.  There seems to be also a high pitched sound that is transmitted with the AM carrier on the upper sideband of the carrier.  I used a filter to adjust it out, otherwise it would be a bit annoying to listen to.

Well as they say for the sign off for RHC…”I will see you mañana!”

73! de Nick N9SJA

One thought on “Late Night R.H.C. Propaganda Listening

  1. That SDR-IQ is a cool little toy. Those crazy Cubans must have some powerful transmitters. Think they really believe broadcasting propaganda is going to change peoples’ minds?

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