glSDR: SDR for Android devices

Recently I have been playing around a lot with SDR radios.  I have an SDR-IQ from RFSpace which I really love to use, but for times when I cannnot make it down into the shack for whatever the reason, I would like to use something on my Android tablet or iPad.

Looking through the Google Play store for Android ham radio apps, I found glSDR.  I did originally download the app a few months ago for my Nexus 7 tablet.  Back then when I first started using it, everything was extremely buggy.  Many feature did not work and the app crashed everytime I used it.  So, I deleted it off and decided to wait to see if the developer would fix the issues.

Well, now I am happy to report that the developer has addressed some of the issues that prevented this app from working, however it still has a very long way to go.  The app still crashes quite a bit and I have to play with the options a bit, but it does work.  Here is just how it does work:

This application connects to a server hosted SDR over the internet.  It is not simply an audio stream, but an actual connection to the SDR accessing the real time I/Q data from the SDR.  There are a few servers online, and you can host one your self with the open source server software and a supported SDR radio.  More on that here.  But if you would just like to listen to one of the online servers and you have a decent high speed (not dialup) connection, you can just download the Android app from the Google Play app store.

If you are on a PC you can access the glSDR app at the Google Play store here:

If you have an Android device, use a QR Code reader and use this QR Code to download it to your Android device directly:  

Compatability seems to be a huge problem for the developer of this app.  There were some rumblings about it not being compatible with Adreno GPU based devices, but some of those problems have been addressed in the newest version of glSDR.

Again, the app still crashes and it seems like some of the servers are not working for whatever the reason, but I was able to listen to 1 or 2 of them using the app and it worked ok.  I could change frequency, mode, filter options, and it did work.  Apparently there is also support to transmit using the app on an Android device so that you can remotely controlled operate a station with supported hardware.  Hopefully the developer continues working on this and making the app more reliable.  It is a very interesting and cool way to get you your HF radio fix especially when your not in your shack or traveling around.

Here are some additional screen shots from the Google Play app page:

My assessment thus far?  Very cool idea, but needs a lot of work.  Fun to try and play with, but be prepared for some headaches.

73! de Nick N9SJA


3 thoughts on “glSDR: SDR for Android devices

  1. The SDR stuff sure is cool. I realy want that 6000 series Flex! Check this out Ham Radio Now video from TAPR on the HPSDR project at their Digital Comm Conference. Looks like Gary has another one up now on more SDR stuff, too. I haven’t seen it yet, looks like episode 36.

  2. Just getting back on the air after a few years qrt. I couldn’t even spell SDR a few weeks ago. Now I have an ensemble rx/tx on the way just to experiment with remoting using HRD. Play around with SRDRadio and now this App on my Samsung Axiom. Works pretty well except I can’t find where you access the list of servers and how to change mode. All fun and new to me.
    Gary KC9EE

    • I have seen the SoftRock ensemble txrx and thought about getting one and building it. It seems like a lot of fun, but in the past I have bought parts for projects, but never seem to get them completed. Just too busy with work and everything. If you watch the HamNation podcast on, George Thomas W5JDX is building one and showing it step by step. I have been watching the progress, and it looks fun. I just wish I could make time for it. At this rate it would take me 10 years to get it built! I love SDR as well. It’s really neat and brings an entirely new aspect to the hobby. 73! de Nick N9SJA

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