K8TND’s Take on the Kitchin Regen: Part 2

For those of you that have read “K8TND’s Take on the Kitchin Regen” that I posted here on this site back in November, Cliff K8TND was kind enough to send some updated schematics as well as a photo of the all metal enclosure he uses now to reduce air currents within the enclosure:


Here is also the latest schematic with modifications from Cliff K8TND (click on the pic of the schematic to open full size in another window or tab):


Here is a nice slide show displaying the new enclosure as well as the old one made of copper pcb:

Again, Thank’s to Cliff K8TND for sharing.

73! de Nick N9SJA

6 thoughts on “K8TND’s Take on the Kitchin Regen: Part 2

  1. Actually the receiver stayed on the old copper clad enclosure and I drilled matching holes in the front panel of the aluminum box to line up with the shafts on the old front panel. Then I mounted the antenna and power connectors on the aluminum back panel and the phone jack on the front panel and buttoned it up. QED..!! 🙂

    • Yeah, I know what you mean. I always want to build these cool projects, but can’t seem to make time for them to get them completed. Perhaps someday…

  2. I stumbled upon a really nice way to make low capacitance stand-offs for your Regen. Go to Home Depot and look in their tile department and find a square of tile that is a “mosaic” and contains lots of little rectangular pieces of ceramic. Cut the little pieces apart and glue a little square of copper clad on top and then glue the rectangle to your PCB. You may then solder your components to the top of the ceramic rectangle. These little stand-offs work great in Regens where you have several components joining in mid-air and help to make the receiver more stable..!!!
    Cliff K8TND

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