Happy Independence Day! 13 Colonies Special Event


This July 4th weekend, there will be a special event held on all the HF bands (non WARC).  The stations will operate from 13:00 UTC July 1st to 04:00 UTC on July 7th 2013.

The 13 stations will be:

K2A – New York
K2K – New Hampshire
K2J – North Carolina
K2B – Virginia
K2C – Rhode Island
K2D – Connecticut
K2E – Delaware
K2F – Maryland
K2G – Georgia
K2H – Massachusetts
K2M – Pennsylvania
K2I – New Jersey
K2L – South Carolina

Working all of the 13 colonies stations will yield you a very nice certificate (pictured above).  I love working these stations.  It is very fun to track down all the stations and work them all.  You can find more info out at 13colonies.info.

So far I have worked 10 of the 13 stations, mostly on 20m and 40m.

Have fun working all these great stations and have a safe and happy Independence Day!!!!

73 de Nick N9SJA


****UPDATE 7/5/2013 21:29 UTC****  I just made my 13th and final contact to get a clean sweep for the 13 colonies special event.  It was blast!  Thanks so much to everyone that made this happen and God Bless the USA!


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