10m Weekend


The 10m band was hot this weekend thanks to some extra sun spots and other help from our mother Earth.

Here is a list of contacts I made over the weekend:

EA8YB – Juan, Canary Islands

XE1YQQ – Theodoro, Mexico

F6IGS – Gerry, France

F1RHS –  Eric, France

9A3OS – Sinisa, Croatia

OK1CF –  Karel, Czech Republic

DL8YBM –  Henry, Germany

ON8KW –  Kurt, Belgium

OT4A –  Theo, Belgium

OH0JJS –  Jukka, Aland Islands (Finland)

ON8DM –  Mich, Belgium

OH8X – Radio Arcala (massive contest station), Finland

XP1A –  Jesper, Greenland

CO6LC –  Orelvis, Cuba

Thanks to these Amateurs for the QSOs.  I had a blast working DX on 10m and hopefully the band will be open again soon.

73! de Nick N9SJA

3 thoughts on “10m Weekend

  1. Hi Nick,
    Nice to work you on 10m. We have great openings to The States last week also. It starts at 13:00hr until 17:00hr UTC with signals to 9+25. Today was the repeater from NY here with 9+20 on FM…. great!!
    The qsl is leaving my shack Friday. Tnx, & nice site btw.
    73 de Kurt – ON8KW

    • Thanks for the kind words Kurt. It was great to hear you on 10m the other day. Hearing a 10m FM repeater from NY in Belgium is amazing! 73 and hope to hear you again on the bands. – Nick N9SJA

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