Monitoring the HF Hurricane Net

Well it is hurricane season again now with peak activity to be in September.  Although I do not live near the coast, I have friends and family that do and like to keep tabs on any hurricanes that are near.

There are a lot of resources especially on the internet to track the progress of hurricanes and get news.  But the HF Hurricane net is a special radio net that also will be able to communicate directly via HF radio to those in the affected areas.

I like to use a online SDR radio to monitor the hurricane while at work as I can have it on in the background while I am doing other things and keep up on any information.

For information and net frequencies please check out The Hurricane Watch Net at

You can tune in with any HF capable receiver provided it has SSB capability or use an online SDR such as at

At the time of this blog post I am monitoring Hurricane Dorian which is just off the NE edge of Puerto Rico and then is supposed to strengthen and eventually hit the east coast of the US.  The HF Hurricane net will be very active over the next few days so tune in and give it a listen!




73! (and be careful if you live in hurricane affected areas this year!)

de Nick K9XN

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